19 january birthdays horoscopes

August 19 Zodiac: Leo

Love Compatibility

Lovers born on January 19 can be very loyal. The problem is, they are often very idealistic when they are young. You have very high expectations as far as romantic partners are concerned. Not surprisingly, you spend many years being on the fence as far as relationships are concerned. What it means, however, is that it takes you a long time to truly give your heart to someone.

And if you do end up feeling betrayed, at the very least, it takes you a much longer time to commit to somebody else.

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You often stick with very unrealistic expectations of your relationships and this can put a tremendous amount of stress and pressure for people who want to get close to you. People born on the 19th of January tend to be loved by their bosses and superiors. This is not an understatement.

They tend to mix two very important traits in any kind of work situation: drive and the ability to think in abstract terms. They will excel. Still, the best jobs for them are business, entrepreneurship and science. They are not only able to work with what is, but they have the power, drive and energy to explore what could be. This is why, in scientific settings, they tend to become organic leaders. People naturally gravitate towards them because they lead by example.

They seem very, very open-minded. Deep down, they are very driven, focused, and results-oriented. Not surprisingly, they command a lot of natural loyalty.

January 19 - personality & famous birthdays

Even if they are assigned a very boring job, they find the fun in it. They find a way to get excited. Not only that, they look for possibilities. This enables them to not only turn in work on time, but they make sure that they turn in the very best work.

Birthday Horoscope January 19th

January 19 Capricorns would rather spend that time doing something about it and providing a solid example to others. For people born on the 19 th of January, their normal, happy go lucky exterior can change overnight. If they feel that they are somehow being insulted, as far as their deeply held values are concerned, they have often a scary ability to ward people off. This can make you a very formidable opponent.

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The worst part of you is when you become stubborn. You also can be quite solid as far as quality standards are concerned. To some extent, you exhibit traits of a perfectionist due to your January 19 Earth orientation. Saturn, on this day, focuses on boundaries and limitations. This manifests itself in your ability to practice a tremendous amount of self-discipline.

Even if there are many easier paths in front of you and all sorts of distractions, you are able to stick to what you need to do. You are able to look at the long game and proceed accordingly. You might feel that they are just wasting their time, or worst, destroying their lives, but at the very least, you can walk away with a few cautionary tales from such situations.

After the age of thirty-four there is a turning point when they are likely to become even more sociable and creative. If they can remind themselves that to err is human, these dynamic and bright individuals will find ways to combine their courage, originality, popularity, and endearing complexity to achieve brilliant and inspiring results. They are charismatic and seductive, and people are drawn to them instantly, but they may have problems achieving lasting intimacy if they do not learn to open up and accept that other people love them warts and all.

People born on this day are very aware of the image they present to the outside world and, because they have such an influence on others, not only their health but also the health of those who look to them for guidance will improve if they focus on making sure that their habits are healthy.

January 19 Zodiac Sign

They should make sure they have regular check-ups with their doctor, not hesitating to seek medical advice if their health is poor. It will be better for them not to wait until they get a serious illness before they learn to take their health seriously. Their diet should be well rounded with an emphasis on fresh, natural produce such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and their exercise routine should be mild to moderate.

Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color orange will encourage them to be more open and generous toward others. These people have the dedication and resourcefulness to succeed in any career but they are often drawn to politics, education or law.

The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday

They may also prefer a career in sales, fashion, design, or the worlds of theater and entertainment, but whatever career path they tread they will probably want to be in charge and direct all the action. The life path of people born on this day is to learn that people are not—and are not meant to be—perfect. Once they have learned to celebrate their complexity rather than hide it, their destiny is to use their incisive intellectual powers to attract and motivate others.

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  5. 19 january birthdays horoscopes 19 january birthdays horoscopes
    19 january birthdays horoscopes 19 january birthdays horoscopes
    19 january birthdays horoscopes 19 january birthdays horoscopes
    19 january birthdays horoscopes 19 january birthdays horoscopes
    19 january birthdays horoscopes 19 january birthdays horoscopes

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