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Predictions for Pisces Rashi

Your inner self is different from your outer self. Your behavior may be rash, reckless, dynamic and forceful on the outer side and calm on the inner. You are considerate, flexible and sensitive as Pisces and charged and liberal as Aries. You are ambitious but little insecure. Your aspirations and desires need a boost of your self-confidence and self-assurance.

You must present yourself well. You are enthusiastic. You are intelligent and aware. You have an everlasting hunger for knowledge. You are independent and self-sufficient. Be aware of your limits. Do not overdo anything. You need a disciplined approach in life to maintain balance and inner peace. Do not push yourself too hard, you may overexert and exaggerate yourself.

Try to maintain equilibrium. You project yourself firm, confident, dedicated, focused. You accomplish your goals with great commitment and determination. You are passionate towards your dreams.

Your approach is positive. You are far-sighted, creative and keen in addition to being liberal, competent and impulsive. Your Lagna Ascendant is Capricorn Capricorn Appearance According to your Horoscope, you will have prominent features, oblong tip nose, firm lips and narrow chin. You will have narrow neck, small ear lobes, dark and thin hair.

You may sport a small beard. There might be some afflictions involving your knees right side in case of male and left side in case of female. Capricorn Mental Qualities You will be changeable, wilful and strong in purpose. You will be reserved, quite and reclusive. You will be very ambitious, having a desire for governing. You are forcible in action, and you are sure to reap the harvest of your invested endeavours and eagerly-awaited timely actions. Capricorn Special Characteristics You are masterful and ambitious, but often your mind gets beclouded with doubts.

Moon in Gemini

You are not very broad-minded because of being a strong sectarian and disposed to religious austerities. You are a believer in the occult, even could be a fatalist. You have a high degree of self-confidence and reasonably high ambition. Advantage-seeking relatives and friends may cause you weep silently. You have a strong religious feeling and are capable of arousing a worthy ideal. You keynotes are conquests after conquests.

You will have the acme of forceful self-assertion, intense ambition and glowing enthusiasm. You may achieve military honours easily. Your friends will be numerous. You are capable of extreme energy which, if not controlled, may make you cruel and despotic; your rivals may then threaten your rank and position. With moderation and prudence, you will secure high honours and widespread fame. Your disposition is proud, austere and somewhat lacking in warmth.

Your spirit is melancholic and you are disposed to be pessimistic unless you try to overcome these by exercising 'will-force'. You should avoid risky investments and speculations altogether.

October 12222:

As soon as you appear 'no-longer self-centred', you will gain wider sympathies, and you will find that almost everything is taking a turn in the very desired direction. Aksha means Eyes. The word "Rudraksha" has been created by the combination of these two parts. It is believed that Rudraksha has been created from the eyes of lord Shiva. A kind of positive energy circulates in the body of the person wearing the Rudraksha. The Rudraksha also assists the person in getting away from the sufferings of the world.

It also helps in obtaining peace of mind. Your lucky Rudraksha Venus is the lord of your Nakshatra. It makes you self-confident, good decision-maker, efficient worker and follower of truth. It will be auspicious for you to wear six-phased or thirteen-phased Rudraksha to establish your dominance over the competitors in your professional life. This Rudraksha also helps you defeat your enemies.

Besides this, it may increase your immunity to fight against diseases. Apart from this, wearing this Rudraksha helps to improve memory and makes you an intellectual. Terms of Use About astrobix During this period Saturn will pass through the Moonsign in which you were born.

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This is also Disclaimer Contact us called Janma-Shani. This is considered the most testing phase of Sadesati. Survive this, and you've overcome the worst that Saturn can throw your way. Privacy Links Kuldeep. Work with us During this period you may feel intense pressure. You might feel caged, or repressed and just plugin Facebook social aching to break free and escape.

There will be problems in the professional front. Maybe even a job change! In the domestic front too there will be fresh challenges to face. Your relationships with your family will take a beating, and you will be working overtime to maintain the cordiality and love that you've always enjoyed. Pay special attention to your mother and the elder women in your family. On the emotional and psychological front you may feel as if you are in a daze. Your thinking will be hazy and you will have problems taking decisions.

7 Ways Capricorn and Pisces Are Highly Compatible | PairedLife

Don't be overcome by this. You may also feel fear for no apparent reason. Try to be as clear in your thought as you can be, and take every action after thinking it through. Logic and rationality will be your strength during these 2. Don't let them leave your side. With strong determination and sustained effort you can beat this period just like you beat the last one.

By now you might be feeling a little bitter. It's time to be retrospective and think about all the positive things in your life, and think about all the good people in your life. Don't let your humanity and empathy die. Your enemies might be a little extra active during this time, so don't be careless. Try not to give an opportunity to others to hurt you. Work to maintain a cordial relationship with your bosses and the administration.

Show everybody that you still have the old charm and enthusiasm and can make things happen. You might feel a little financial pressure right now, but nothing that you haven't dealt with in the 5 years earlier. Keep a check on your expenses and try to build some savings for sudden expenses. This is the last phase of the Sadesati and it is said that when Saturn goes out of the Sadesati, rewards follow for the deserving.

Many of your investments and efforts that didn't fructify while the Sadesati lasted may all bear fruit in a sudden heap when the Sadesati ends. So remember not to stop making your best efforts during the sadesati. This can be a period of trials depending upon the Paya of Shani. This time may not be as harsh as the Sadesati itself. Gold Paya This may be a stressful time. Pressures both at work and at home will take a toll on you.

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You might feel anxious and worried due to financial challenges too. Work hard on the challenges and you will overcome them. All you need to fight your problems right now is sustained efforts. Silver Paya Surprisingly this is a beneficial phase for you. Direct your efforts in a positive manner and you will achieve success at work.

You may also gain financially and may be able build an asset during this period. Use this period to take yourself financially ahead and to make fresh investments. Don't do anything that will disturb your peace of mind. Copper Paya There will be some hardships for you during this time.

Daily/Today Horoscope by Moon Sign

You will have to make a huge effort to make things go your way, but take solace in the fact that at least your efforts will have fruit. Your investments will bear fruit during this time, so don't let the opportunities slip by. Your health will remain sound during this period if you don't take any undue risks. Iron Paya This is said to the worst class of Panoti. You will be under an unusual amount of stress while it lasts. Your success will not be equal to your efforts and you will have to satisfy yourself with whatever little you get. You may feel financial pressure and your savings will not be enough to satisfy your dreams.

Don't make misuse your money. Better save it for later when your investments can bear better fruit. You may feel tired at times, but that's natural considering the pressure Saturn has you under. Just hang on tight and work hard. Your ship will come around to the shore eventually.

Remedies 1. Donate black cloth, black urad, black leather objects, iron and mustard oil. Worship lord Saturn on Saturdays. Recite the Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra for , times. Wear a ring made of iron from a horse-shoe. Read Free For 30 Days. Saturn Sadesati for Pisces. Description: saturn sadesathi. Flag for inappropriate content.

astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces
astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces
astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces
astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces
astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces
astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces
astrobix horoscope pisces Astrobix horoscope pisces

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