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Once you have done that you can also read more about your rising decan and star too! It is the most personal point of your chart and the only one Along with your ruling planet that really describes you personally and your incarnation for this lifetime. The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decans energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Taurus decan 1 the raging and ravenous mouth behavior will be most notable in love relationships.

It certainly is passionate, and at the very basic level a superb kisser, when they stop talking that is.. Interestingly Bernadette Brady gives the example of Poppy King the cosmetic entrepreneur whose business grew from her idea of a better lipstick. A glance at the fixed stars list reveals a girdle and a breast, so I think nobody sums up this placement better than curvy TV chef Nigella Lawson.

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Nigella is famous for her sensual presenting and is often parodied with close-ups of her lips as she samples her recipe while also zooming in on her ample bosom as she stirs yet another cream-laden cake mix. It seems there is a certain amount of punishment here for just being too beautiful or too clever or both. Unfortunately, Taurus decan 1 often feels that they have to play down their talents if they are involved with a very insecure partner, at other times though it might actually be that they are acting too vain!

To be gullible, or empathic to the unexpressed feelings around one.

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With Taurus decan 2 the stage mother and statesmen behavior will be most notable in love relationships. Katlyn Getting over the loss of my "boyfriend" who just left and doesnt contact me anymore since July, and feeling isolated by family and work "friends".

August seems like a lonely, on your own sort of month. Greywitt My gf also left me and thats the reason im here,. Monique Wow. Same here. I'm starting to be grateful for it. In time you will too. Miguel m. Arocha I want to know about my financial status in this month from today at the in of march.. David I'm having a very good start this month. My spouse has being wonderful to me,supporting and encourage me each step of the way.

The solution to most problems above and below is just a lack of confidence. Claudvandam Square I agree fake it till you make it smiling gets others smiling and gets us smiling feeling a hole lot better even though we could be feeling blue. I love Nike just do it! For all Taurus peoples.

Get weekly Taurus Horoscope now! Mythily [quote]Message from 12horoscopesigns Looking for free weekly horoscope for Taurus?

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Livya I too Lost my job in early this month Nowadays traveling a lot to get over with all this. Tells slot about me.. And yeas im into something right now my dreams about my grandma and this are just the right combination to tell my self that this is me.. Valerie Oh wow for me everything is perfect it seems as if what you talking about never happen to me as well. Nadine Totally end of this world got a boyfriend such nice but about carrier totally down sounds like a hell nothing to be done for sure its sucks drive me crazy now financial go down on earth.

I met some individuals who I could've loved passionately and some I still very much do. It says will be great year for love as a tauren,I sure hope so as I am fed up with lonely,pretending to be happy and cheering people around me yet being totally heartbroken on the inside. I want to keep my hopes up for Niksha You and I both Remember that it is better to feel lonely waiting for the right person than to feel lonely whilst being with the wrong one Its so awful. Jason I am a Taurus Rain has fallen into my life, but a lot of good has come as well I met the love of my life..

I get to be closer to my daughter Of course I could sit here and complain how life throws me curve balls but I choose to be greatful for what I DO have instead of dwelling on what I don't Prayer is very important but so is believing in ones self. When life seems too hard, a baby is probably about to be born.

Maybe the baby is you. Maybe you need to change in order to take advantage of a fresh layer of opportunities many Taureans are about to come across in their lives. Whatever happens, refuse to be depressed. Hard times don't last, but depression is a medical condition that lasts throughout life. Louise Oh My God! I was desperately searching for an answer why this year has been such a disaster for me, and I came to the right place. Finally an accurate horoscope for Taurus. What is the way forward? I have never had such bad luck as since Jan this year and it kept getting worse.

I have counted about 5 good days since January. Where is the end of this??? Emilie So true. I am in my darkest days now, for both career and love.


No clear vision on what can be done to get out of it. Sree yeah true taureans would have experienced the bitter taste in almost every aspect of life. My case , its pointing towards the end of my married life, struggling financially with my child. Frank enough, I have never thought to start a new relation, but without my knowledge changes are happening in me,. Anne i feel like I'm dying. Stellaumprasert Ladt year i have promblem my family until now what will i do.

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I lost my job, my boyfriend left, my rent was raised Shell I left my husband end of jan, at the moment it's as if I have no feelings don't want to go bk. I want my life back.

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  • Imelda [quote]Message from chan rely on god,.. I'll still go on and strive harder.

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