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February 16 Birthday Horoscope

February 16 th is in the middle of the month, but people born on this day are born in the third decant of the Aquarius sign. Being born on this day carries specific characteristics that are strictly tied to this person. An Aquarius person is an individual who is not ready to deal with others.

He is, at the same time, a mind-boggling, perverting, rebellious, independent spirit that always examines friends and enemies, events and things. For Aquarius we can say that the unusual combination of coldness and consistency and instability. He knows to be very stubborn, especially if his ideas are called into question. The Aquarius is very curious and knows how to reveal secrets, as if there were some distant gaze in the distance, some strange magic and secret knowledge to which no one else could come. Even though the Aquarius works out to be thousands of miles away, be sure that he secretively analyzes you microscopically.

Aquarius are full of surprises, their reactions are unexpected, and behaviors are unpredictable; are prepared to support a completely lost case or to fight for the wrong thing and what most likely times usually indicate where they were right.

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People born in the sign of Aquarius on February 16th are very easy to recognize because of the use of a word friend. Aquarius is often lonely and uninhabited by their surroundings. They live in the future, only occasionally return to the present. The environment often does not understand, and for this reason often the Aquarius is still attracted to himself.

Astrologers often say for Aquarius that what he thinks today, the world will think only for fifty years. The Aquarius is known as a sign of genius, but statistics show that a great number of Aquariuses are known to have psychiatric problems. The Aquarius will never endlessly talk about fashion and love adventures, and the Aquarius will not get in bed with someone before they get to know the other person.

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Love and sex are very important for Aquarius, but the desire for a freedom of life often prevents true and deep intimacy in love affairs. For Aquarius mutual trust is very important, so jealousy and possessiveness are qualities that are not appreciated by Aquarius. With people who were born in Aquarius sign on February 16th; it is very difficult to arrange a meeting with them. They do not like duties and routine, since they nurture a more subtle way of life. Even if you bet that you will arrive at an agreed time, it is likely to happen that they will be too late.

You always openly and honestly say your opinion, but you will never tell someone how they should live their life. Likewise, you will never be allowed to impose your opinion on an Aquarius, because they simply follow their motto and are always guided by them.

Horoscope: February 16th - 17th

This can cause others to think badly of them, especially after first impressions. Aquarius born on February 16th is romantic, but not in classical terms. They may not forget about their roots or shake their old memories, but Aquarius is ready to do everything to give you a gift. For Aquarius you need to know that they are a bit different from others, they are lonely people who often wander in the clouds and who keep away from the crowd.


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Aquarius likes freedom and independence, and the worst thing that can happen to them is that someone is limiting their freedoms. People born in the zodiac sign of the Aquarius on February 16th are unpredictable, disobedient and resourceful. He likes the technique and all kinds of communication with the whole world.

They best get along with people who are born under the Gemini and Libra Zodiac signs. It is also controversial, elusive, lean, charming; but sometimes evens a gambler. It is always full of new ideas and does not endorse control. Aquarius sees his partner primarily as his best friend. He does not fall into seductive views, Aquarius is much more important to be mentally drawn. They are not privy or jealous in love. An Aquarius is looking for a partner who is intelligent and independent, because he does not like to rely on him. Capricorn: Jan 20 - Feb Aquarius: Feb 16 — March Pisces: March 11 — April Aries: April 18 — May Taurus: May 13 — June Gemini: June 21 — July Cancer: July 20 — Aug Leo: Aug 10 — Sept Virgo: Sept 16 — Oct Libra: Oct 30 — Nov Scorpio: Nov 23 — Nov Ophiuchus: Nov 29 — Dec Sagittarius: Dec 17 — Jan Oh yeah, let's talk about ol' Ophiuchus, shall we?

NASA sneakily added a 13th zodiac sign a while back, like's it no big thing. Ancient astrologers decided to ditch this particular constellation at the time in order for the 12 other signs to divide equally around the sun. But now we guess it's back in the game, and so if you were born between the 29th of November and the 17th December NASA reported that because the Earth's axis has changed, the constellations are no longer in the same place they were thousands of years ago.

February 16 Zodiac Sign

Essentially, what they're saying is that astrology is not the same as astronomy. Glad that's cleared up, then.

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    gemini birthday horoscope february 16 Gemini birthday horoscope february 16
    gemini birthday horoscope february 16 Gemini birthday horoscope february 16
    gemini birthday horoscope february 16 Gemini birthday horoscope february 16
    gemini birthday horoscope february 16 Gemini birthday horoscope february 16
    gemini birthday horoscope february 16 Gemini birthday horoscope february 16
    gemini birthday horoscope february 16 Gemini birthday horoscope february 16

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