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Virgo, work on your most favored labor of love is a dream come true and it may not be something you have time to do but make the time.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

You can schedule a sitter for the children if you need a break so you can focus, or do some changes in your schedule so you can commit time to what you love to do. Libra, your health matters.

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You may need to start a little exercise routine that keeps you on track of your goals. You may not want to be so regimented when it comes to your daily schedule but the right reasons can keep you motivated. Scorpio, love what you do and it will bring you joy. When you do things that you enjoy doing it, go for it. It's time for you to have fun in your life. Put a smile on your face and let your inner light shine. Sagittarius, what do family and authority figures have in common?

Sometimes they show up at the most inopportune times.

The moon enters Pisces today.

You may find that your workflow is a bit disrupted by visitors today. Capricorn, communication is key. Aquarius, money isn't everything but it does help you to buy what you want and need.

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You may not be interested in buying fancy things but getting something you feel adds value to the way you come across when dressing up, is perfect! Pisces, it's about you.

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Sometimes this is an important concept for you to adjust to. You coul This will make you feel somewhat out on a lim A new introduction could jolt you out of you Don't misinterpret what true power Expect an upswing of good feelings.

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So why not take a little time to sp There may be a somewhat unsettled feeling in the air that leaves you confused. There's a mutual understanding between these two signs, perhaps because Scorpio is just so private. Yet, Capricorn knows how to bring what's hiding out. Scorpio comes with a benefit to Capricorn, and triggers the 11th house, where friendship takes place.

Friendship is something that Capricorn excels in. Loyalty, commitment, understanding and fun happen between these two signs. Today is a good day to cultivate these friendships and to seek out ways to encourage our friends to be their best selves. To find your perfect match use this chart.

Aries, you can be a good friend to those who are lucky enough to land a place in your inner circle. Take time out to send a hello to friends today. If you have long distance friendships that are particularly dear, go out of your way to show you're thinking of them.

Today's Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Expect a nice surprise today that may be a bit out of the norm that brings out the child in you. Taurus, you may find something you've been searching for in either a friendship or work type relationship. There may be a strange pairing of energies today that bring the imaginative back to the center of your life.

Expect an escape of some sort in the near future that plays out a bit of fantasy you've been entertaining thoughts of. Gemini, a soulful journey or trip near the water would be an excellent experience for you today, and if you're no where near such a place, invite fluidity into your life.

tiomapuho.tk Self-care takes center stage for you today. Fitness, drinking high-quality water and beverages and high energy activities will improve your happiness. Cancer, think happy thoughts an allow yourself to reflect on positive memories. Do you keep a scrapbook? This would be a wonderful activity for you today.

Organizing photos, spending time reconnecting with the past or studying your family genaology are good activities to pursue today. Leo, what you need right now is a little more kindness in your life. You can start the trend by allowing yourself a little more time with the personalities that you consider stable sources of love: pets, friends, and family members all fall into this category. Play music that connects with you at a deep soul level.

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