Pisces and pisces gay compatibility

Sun enters Scorpio

Their relationship might strangely inhibit them both, because of the possibility of unrealistic expectations and the fear of being let down. Fortunately, their mutable natures will in most cases allow them to progress and make enough adaptations and changes for their sex life to work.

Trust is a very difficult subject when two Pisces representatives begin a romantic relationship. Their main problem is in the fact that they know each other too well. They can both recognize their own unstable and unreliable nature in their partner, so instead of building trust and changing them both for the better, they will easily get caught in a circle of attempts to be honest and dishonest, without the need for their flaky nature to change. The best way for them to create a safe and trustful atmosphere is in a lot of meaningful communication that they both usually find obsolete.

Although they will share their dreams with one another, and probably inspire each other in many ways, it will be difficult for them to have discussions on ongoing things in their lives. They will both have their own image of what is important for their partner to know about them.

They will have a tendency not to move from a certain point, both of them intensely focused on the idea of love, rather than actual activities. Pisces is the sign that exalts Venus, the planet of love. Not only does Venus rule the sign of Libra, speaking of our relationships, but it is also the ruler of Taurus and represents physical pleasures and satisfaction of the physical body. The sign of Pisces has a great responsibility to exalt the planet that is linked to all sides of a loving relationship.

When they fall in love, this is a fairytale romance and their emotional contact is something that no other sign can reach. Their tenderness and the way they nurture their emotions toward each other, will be a true inspiration for everyone around them. There is no better partner to understand the emotional nature of a Pisces partner, than another Pisces. Their mutable quality will show through emotional changes and apparent inconsistency, but in truth, they will know exactly when to separate and when to be together in order for their love to remain exciting and beautiful.

With their sign exalting Venus, it is difficult to speak about their values while they are in a relationship. Not because their values differ that much, but because their priorities might be different. They will most certainly have a lot of fun. Two Pisces partners cannot ever be bored.

Gay Pisces Dating: Swimming in Circles

That is, if they ever manage to meet. While one of them might appear at the agreed point in time, the other will get lost, miss a turn, or show up at their previous meeting point. In general, their shared activities are dependent very much on their physical contact, because if they have it, at least they could hold hands not to get lost. The Dreamer, however, is ruled by mystical Neptune, a planet which creates illusions for better and for worse.


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Having said that, when true love comes into play, romantic Pisces will do their utmost to adapt to and to understand Gemini. Gemini is a mutable sign too, and will do his or her fair share of compromising. This is what all Gemini and Pisces partnerships can achieve in the long run…but the challenge is getting past the bumps on the road that lead to this point.

Essentially, Pisces and Gemini compatibility all too often fails because Gemini cannot or will not give Pisces the emotional support they crave, and because Pisces cannot or will not give Gemini the space they need.

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And Pisces will beg and plead and promise to try harder. And Gemini will be won over. Until next time.

7 Ways Pisces and Scorpio Are Compatible in Love and Sex! | PairedLife

The Dreamer will keep dreaming and the Communicator will keep communicating and maybe, just maybe, if they dream and communicate enough, one of those beautiful rainbows will show up and keep this couple together. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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  5. This is so scarily true. I miss him so much but his jealousy is so bad. This sounds so realistic, I have to say!

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    5. I think he may be more compatible than the others, but I am wary. However, I do have a Libra Moon and Mars in Aries, which ties in with two of his most compatible signs, so that may explain my constant attraction and appreciation for Geminis!.. I just hope we can be the rare exception!! He has a strong earth sign presence in his astrological chart medley, so that may help! Ive been dating this picses for a year, and he jealousy is a big issue also his feeligs an the way he approaches me with situations makes me feel like hes manipulating me.

      Me and my Pisces have found the beautiful rainbow as well…although it was tough at first, we have found the most perfect way of being together. Your email address will not be published.

      pisces and pisces gay compatibility Pisces and pisces gay compatibility
      pisces and pisces gay compatibility Pisces and pisces gay compatibility
      pisces and pisces gay compatibility Pisces and pisces gay compatibility
      pisces and pisces gay compatibility Pisces and pisces gay compatibility
      pisces and pisces gay compatibility Pisces and pisces gay compatibility

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