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Its workbook exercises walk the reader through the fundamental basics, step by step, making astrology accessible and easy to learn. Another one that got several shout-outs is an oldie but goodie: a book that deals with the history of traditional astrology and birth chart reading.

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It helps to round out why certain ideas are foundational in astrological learning. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

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Looking for an off-the-beaten-path entry point? It deals primarily with the North Node—a placement that doesn't get much attention in most of the astrology writing I see online—but it's still clear and totally accessible to beginners. This beautifully designed book was recommended by several astrologers.

It's huge and does a great job of introducing you to all the concepts you'll need to know to get started, like planets, signs, houses, aspects, midpoints, and more. It also makes a great gift for the astrology enthusiast. Written in a friendly, easy to understand tone that draws the reader in, pick this book up if you want to learn more about zodiac signs, houses, elements, aspects and much more.

April even includes tips for planning around lunar and long term planetary cycles.


So you know that your sun is in a certain sign—but what does it mean if other planets are right next to it, or across from it? This book can help you dig deeper into what astrologers call aspects , or the relationship that planets have to each other.

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It's one of my essentials! Want to understand what astrologers mean when they talk about "houses" and "zones," or what those different pie pieces of your chart are? Gordon says this is a definitive guide. The writing is stellar and these descriptions will stay with you throughout your studies.

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sun sign astrology pdf Sun sign astrology pdf
sun sign astrology pdf Sun sign astrology pdf
sun sign astrology pdf Sun sign astrology pdf
sun sign astrology pdf Sun sign astrology pdf
sun sign astrology pdf Sun sign astrology pdf

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